I can teach practitioners all over the world the latest methods in managing back pain 

There are a range of flexible and cost effective methods available to practitioners interested in learning about helping people with back pain.

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Access my free stuff!

One of my partner organisations is STOPS.physio.  On our website there is heaps of free learning resources.  Simply click on the "free resources" tab, subscribe and start accessing quality evidence-based information including:

  • My latest papers and in particular the treatment protocol papers from the STOPS trial

  • An extensive range of questionnaires for measuring outcome, neurophysiological and psychosocial factors

  • Vlogs, videos, papers by other researchers and more...!

Engage in a range of interactive paid ONLINE COURSES

We have developed an online course offering, suitable for both sole practitioners looking to further their own clinical skills, or practice owners wanting an education platform for their entire practice. Our paid options enable practitioners to target key areas of learning and for a small fee engage in our online courses.  These are able to be completed on your own computer and in your own time and you'll come out of it with key techniques to use in your practice.

Check out my online courses here.

Become a STOPS practitioner and reap the benefits

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Once the results of the Specific Treatment of Problems of the Spine (STOPS) trial are published I will be developing a network of practitioners around the world who are trained in this evidence-based approach.  Practitioners who complete our short course program and/or a series of eLearning modules become eligible as STOPS practitioners with the following benefits:

  • Direct referrals of patients requiring treatment for back pain after working through the STOPS App

  • Collection, analysis and reporting of patient data at baseline, 12 weeks and 12 months through a unique system of online surveys and centralised database management

  • Participation in major research projects on the effectiveness of the STOPS approach via a "big data" approach

  • Options for post graduate research utilising the STOPS clinical database