Relationships are fundamental to my private and professional life.  This page gives you a glimpse into who I am and what my values are

Jon Ford family

My family comes first in all aspects of my life. And for me nowhere is family more beautifully expressed than when on the road camping in remote areas of the Australian bush. I highly recommend road trips, not just for the magnificent things you'll see, but for the experience of family development that occurs when living out of a tent for months at a time!

Jon and Michele clubby

Michele is my wonderful partner who brings her amazing communication skills to our relationship and also my businesses. People attending our clinics will know Michele for her ability to ensure everything runs smoothly.

In our leisure time we enjoy surf lifesaving; another way in which we can help people, and hang out with some fantastic friends in the lifesaving community.

Jon surfing


My children (almost adults now) are the other major factor in my life. Surfing is such a beautiful experience; the power and flow of the ocean is something I treasure. And sharing the ocean and the surf is something I hope to be able to do with my children for a long time to come.  

Jon Ford and Trevor Hendy

Another area where I try to help people is by coaching young adults in surf lifesaving competition. It is a privilege to spend time with the fantastic youth of Point Leo Surf Lifesaving Club. As part of this experience, we expose our group to amazing people such as Trevor Hendy from the Gold Coast. His passion for life is an inspiration for me and the young people I coach.